Local Barand Himax launches its new smartphone bro sis … smartphone with the code name Himax Polymer 2 has a low price tag of under 1 million and the cool OS that is used is Android Lollipop which certainly has a charming performance to run a variety of activities. use a screen size of 4.7 inches which is spacious and charming to carry out various activities of its users.

The design used by this smartphone is really elegant bro with a white bandage and has four corners whose curves are not too big making this smartphone look boxy. for navigation using the full touch screen screen and using 3 pieces of capacitive buttons at the bottom of the screen. while the power button and volume control buttons are mounted on the right side.

Now this smartphone has some cool features even though the price is under 1 million. like the Music feature which is to produce a cool experience when playing music bro sis … on the top side there are 3 buttons commonly used for music navigation namely the prev, next button and pause / play so to sketch again or make it easier again without have to open the screen bro … to maximize the cool music sound this smartphone is equipped with Max Bass feature that maximizes bass sound up to 50% so it is even more 😀 right when used to listen to music bro …

The next feature is the smart remote control feature that makes it possible to make this smartphone a remote control for various electronic devices such as: TV, AC, Decoder and other devices. So, how are the specifications? Check out the following review. Bro …

Specifications of Himax Polymer 2

First we discuss on the screen bro … where this smartphone has a large screen and the quality is quite cool. This screen carries the dimensions of 4.7 inch which has a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels which is cool and quite sharp. well to maximize the brightness of the screen of this smartphone is equipped with bright and clear IPS technology. so easy navigation and maximum brightness make users more comfortable to carry out various kinds of activities.

Now the smartphone kitchen runway sector has quite fierce specifications in the ranks of smartphones under 1 million bro … using the Android Lollippop OS and is equipped with a powerful processor that is the A7 uad Core 1.3 GHz processor that uses the Mediatek MT6582M chipset. The performance of this smartphone is getting worse with the support of 1GB of RAM which is very powerful to run various applications without having to get any lag symptoms.

This smartphone data storage space is quite extensive bro … uses 2 internal and external memory for intrenal memory using memory with a capacity of 8 GB while external memory using microSD with a maximum capacity of 32 GB so the file or photo stored can hold with a considerable amount of bro sister …

Now the camera that is used is equipped with cool features bro, on the front using a 2 MP sized camera which can certainly be used for selfie photos, video calls and video chat using applications that support. for the main camera located on the back using an 8MP camera.

Boy, for the rear camera, not only is it big, bro, but the photo used is also cool by using the Sapphire Lens Clear Shot feature, 1.4 µm pixel size, and the F2.8 appetite. Low light can use LED Flash Light for maximum lighting.

This Smartphoene is equipped with a Dual SIM feature that uses normal sim sizes. and internet networks used are 3G HSDPA networks and 2G networks. Other supporting features are also embedded in this smartphone bro such as WiFi, BPS, Bluetooth and microUSB. a power source using a battery with a capacity of 1900 mAh which is claimed to be able to survive in standby conditions up to 350 hours.

Price of Himax Polymer 2

This smartphone is released to the market by way of online bro and must buy the official site at himax.co.id and comes in 2 black and white colors. and per unit off to the market with prices:

Rp. 999,000